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Originally Posted by Ramair351 View Post
Following this thread. I have a similar trike. Tell me about the 440 engine?
What do you want to know?

It is a Honda GX390 clone that I bought on sale from It has a slightly larger bore and stroke which gives the larger displacement. It is a torquey beast. I'm am not a small guy, 6'3" and 300 lbs, and it will completely unload the suspension. It will wheelie with my wife on it. I'm running it completely stock, straight out of the box right now and it will run 45 mph with the governor. The only modifications I have made to the engine was the removal of the emissions box and adjusting out the throttle stop screw a little. I still have some room on the throttle stop screw to take it out some more and get a little faster.

It was pretty straight forward to install with a 40 Series TAV. I have a 15 tooth jack shaft sprocket and a 72 tooth axle. I did have to make a custom mount for it so it would clear everything. I made a section of rectangular tubing with a top section the same size as the mounting plate, but it is lifted about 2.5" from the original frame. This also gave me a mostly enclosed location for the wiring. I also had to install a slightly longer jack shaft for the driven pulley because the motor is so wide. You can see in the pictures above, it really fills the entire back end of the trike. There is very little room for anything else. I will have to replace the exhaust and intake just to get the roll bar on it.
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