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Default 1973 BGW Tri-Rod project

Hey all, I just wanted to show off for any vintage trike fans.

I bought this Tri-Rod STR-381 with no motor for $100 last fall. I originally had it set up with a 212, but it was under powered for what I want. I just finished installing a Duromax 440 with electric start last weekend and this thing rocks!

I have it geared at 4.8:1 with a 40 series TAV2 and it will ALMOST wheelie with me on it. If I gun the throttle, it will unload the front suspension. It will wheelie with my wife on it, as she found out accidentally. Now I can't wait to mod the engine and build it up right. Completely stock with the governor on it, it will carry my 290 pound self around at about 40 MPH when the governor kicks in. I'm planning on removing the governor and installing a new Mikuni style carb, intake, and exhaust just to get started. I think once i do that, it will be flirting with 60MPH at about 4500 RPM.

Up next it gets new brakes and a lighting system, since I have to have the battery for the electric start. I think with a little work, this will make a nice around-town runner.
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