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Floating Steering Column

Attached pics show the floating steering column. I mentioned about this a few posts back. The benefits are:
1. Column doesn't rub the body hole opening
2. Weight reduction
3. Improved appearance
4. Added a delrin bushing top and bottom of shaft to provide better bearing surface over the split nylon bushing. And also to eliminate the steering shaft rusting and seizing to the column support.

Also notice I am moving the tie rods to the rear side of the front axle beam. This provides:
1. better column shaft geometry - perpendicular to the face of body
2. shorter column length - less weight
3. More ground clearance compared to the stock setup that hangs way down
4. Protection from forward impact damage
5. Clearance for pedal quadrant - no obstruction will allow for much better layout of pedals, cables, hydraulics

I will be putting this frame through the paces with body SN001. If all good, I hope to start selling some of these and getting some cash flow going on this project.
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