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Thank you for the questions. The mold was developed off an original body which I believe to be 1972 because of the seat cover type and decal type ("Sandy Claws"). The early seat covers attached differently than say the 1974 blue body with the "Confident Cat" decal.

For reference, the white body is SN001 off the mold. It is mounted on the original 1972 frame which I modified by replacing the long sections of tube with 1-1/4 tube and an angle iron front bumper mount. Although I was very careful to replicate position and shape, this is NOT original and could be affecting body mounting.

On my original body the front bumper bolts are 1-3/8 inward on the right hand side, and 1-7/8 inward on the left hand side. Reference is sitting in the vehicle as usual. The left side bolt slot occurs on the curve, whereas the right side slot occurs on the straight area.

Can you measure your bolt slot positions and post them?

For the rear, I placed them as original. I took a picture of the original 1974 body rear mount holes and they look to be placed differently.

About the holes and pedal slots, they are all solid when the body is made. I have to cut the holes in. I have not cut the holes in any of the bodies other than SN001. And it looks like it would be better to leave the mounting holes undrilled for people like yourself mounting to an original frame.

See attached pics:
- original restored '72 body mounted to its original modified frame (note damage to paint occurred during the process of making the new mold)
- original unrestored '74 body - notice the right side rear mounting front hole is different; they might have drilled these to fit the frame during assembly. That would be easy, and smart to do.
- new reproduction bodies showing mounting holes as finished, undrilled
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