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Phaseman you are scaring me!
Just because the motor is rated up to 50amps doesn't mean that much will be pumped into it, does it? I checked the motor and can't find any specs listed on it. It came out of some name brand e-mower, a good sized one not a small cheapie. The specs I listed came off the inter-webs from a similar mower I found online, which gave the 36v and 50amp. I calculated the 1800 watts (similar to a hairdryer).
If that is dangerous how are they selling mowers using this setup? It didn't have large wiring. So I will temper what you're saying with ToyStory's comment... that DC is a bit different.
With an e-kart the motor is so small that the battery can be located right next to the motor behind the seat. So the only wiring will be to the throttle controller. That can be run under the frame for safety.

Oscaryu1 - Being that it IS a lawnmower motor, I am assuming that means continuous? Not sure, but does it matter? The point is if it can run on 3 12v batteries in the mower that I took apart, then it can do the same in a kart.
Only diff being that the mower runs fully on for the duration, while the kart will have lots more stop-n-go. This may increase load & heat and shave battery life, but by overbuilding my battery/motor side, I should be able to compensate. Also not looking to complete any long-distance competitions.

Thanks for the excellent feedback so far! Keep it coming pls.

I have an acquaintance that works in a loading dock so he is going to put me in touch with the company that services their forklifts. Hopefully this turns into a good source of used parts.