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Default New Guy, researching an e-Kart build

*I didn't realize there was a section for electric stuff yet, so I am pasting my intro post here. Looking forward to perusing all the threads here!*

Good day to all from heatmizr, aka Todd...
I've just begun browsing and gathering some basic ideas. I suppose I got started when I scarfed an electric motor out of my neighbor's electric mower who's controls crapped out. I wanted to see if it is big enough to drive a small kart for my sons. They are only 1 & 3 so far, so I have plenty of time to think ahead.

I looked up a similar mower online to estimate the specs and I believe it is a 36v, 50amp motor, which I calculate to be 1800w. I hope to keep this kart small, and geared down for limited speed, so from my limited browsing I think this should be sufficient.

One thought I had was to build the kart a bit bigger so that we can share - maybe with removable interchangeable seats that I can swap in to fit either them or me. With that in mind I may power it with only 2x12v batteries at first, with the option to add a third battery if I end up with something that I want to drive too.

For now, I am just gathering info, ideas, and the costs involved, and looking for a way to economize on this first kart while gathering experience. I am eager to learn more about alternative sources for controllers, throttles, stock and other parts as I don't have dedicated funds for this (accountant wife).

I'll be at a crossroads soon methinks; either looking for a cheap used frame/completed kart to build on, or getting serious and purchasing a welder for a more homegrown approach! I don't have many fabrication tools so this approach while far more fun might get me in trouble.
Comments welcome...
Todd Glasier in Charlotte

PS - where is the "getting electrocuted" smiley?