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Originally Posted by crasher455 View Post
Here are some pics of a minichopper I made about 5 years ago, with a kickstarter installed. It uses a 3hp briggs motor. I made almost everything on it including the kickstart. The kickstart is attached to a driven jackshaft with a 1.2:1 ration between the motor and the output shaft. There is a standard 3/4" centrifugal clutch that drives the final drive chain. This configuration also ends up increasing the stall speed of the clutch for better takeoff. I used to sell plans for the kickstarter assemblies but due to the amount of machining involved it's beyond most home builders. If anyone is interested I can try and find the plans and post them.
Nice bike! That sounds cool, I'm always interested in plans. I got someone to do free machining, so I would have no problem!LOL!
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