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Default This got me thinking. Where do you keep your karts?

as posted on Craigslist
2006 Birel - $2900
this 2006 birel frame shifter kart is super scary fast, 130+mph scary!! motor is a 94 ktm 300exc, new build top and bottom. rode dirt bike for 2 hours, took motor off and had a fabricator make the motor mount and shift rod for the shifter kart chassis. i still have the 125cc tm racing motor that blew in 7 hrs. they are very expensive motors! if you think this kart is priced too high Google shifter kart chassis or shifter kart prices, these things are very expensive new and used. It was geared to do 0-80mph and back to a complete stop in 8sec for the atl track with the 125cc motor, but would do 100mph with other gear I have. I am in no hurry to sell even though its just sitting in my living room. its hard to get in and out of the house so I haven't rode in forever. motor has no more than 3 hrs total. 1st picture is with the 125cc tm motor when i first bought it, 2nd picture is with the 300exc motor as it sits now. blown TM Racing 125cc engine is included if wanted. they are high dollar!!
Click image for larger version

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Well, at least it has been stored indoors.

Mine is kept in the garage where my car used to be.
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