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first take a look at the manual for your kart:

unfortunately it doesn't come with an engine/transmission parts list ..
so we refer to the GSX GSR manual for that instead:

since engine and forward/reverse gearox are identical on all three models AFAIK.
(I linked both just in case you can spot a difference)

Now, you need the gearbox that carries the sprocket.. carterbothersparts has it for 230:

but you can find the same style gearbox for less on ebay (new)

I cannot guarantee that this will fit your engine shaft, unfortunately those gy6 enignes are notorious for being slightly different each time depending on who actually made them.

but chances are good that output shaft dimension is one of the few fairly consistent values

And after that, a chain to the rear axle is what you need.
Oh that is if you still have the shifting lever of course (which I think I spotted on the pics with a light blue knob), else you will need one of course.

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