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Top speed isn't really an issue, as it clocked 22.7 in the same distance the other kart did 26.4 and that was in a distance longer than the main straight of the track. Getting there faster/more power/being the same and the other kart is kind of what I am going for. I think once the engines and power are equal and I can compare and contrast then I will get into the world of gears. I was also thinking about the nr racing "hop up" kits, specifically stage 1 to get some more rpms, but that isn't anything that will happen soon. First I need to build the track and see how the karts go. The Manco handles so much better than my other one that I think with similar power it will dominate. The other kart has wide back tires which I think contributes heavily to the under steer and maybe undersized fronts. Backs are 18/950X8 fronts are 14.5/7x6.