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So I got some more progress on the set of tongs...
I had kinda messed up on the flattened length of the shoulder area, so after when I was looking about on how I could correct it... I saw a pair of tong that kinda were modeled after Iron age or maybe african styled tongs....
Anyway, it was a doable design, and it help out with the messed up fullered area.
I made a jig with 2 rods welded to angle iron. it was supposed to help bend a good 90* but it wasnt hot enough im guessing so it produced a long bend instead...
I went with it and corrected the bend to suit. Set a mark for a hole on both.
After I drill and rivet, I can correct the alignment and fit, aswel as cut the jaws to the same length.

After the look and rough out was set, I styled an offset on the reins, a hand stop... Kinda like Ironworker pliers. Gives it a positive feel.
Next Ill drill and rivet.

It is kinda difficult to get good sharp bends on my anvil, as there isnt any good right angle surfaces on it.....Its really old and pretty beat up...Its a cast steel anvil, that is hardened, but the skin is only so deep and sharp blows to the corners a wreck it... Thus it has been done. Especially the heel... it has none(so no hardy and pritchel hole....Someone broke it off long ago....
But it rings true and I got it when I was a kid.... One of the happiest days of my life...

I also like working low on the floor, sitting. Having my little roller mechanics chair I use while working on the bikes, make this easier.... I haven't had a proper forge setup before, but I have liked this style of whats common in Asia and Africa... Its pretty comfortable and works well for our little carport.
My vice is a big 6 Record from England on a truck brake drum stand...
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