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I think your going to want to boost your engine power, even a so called stage 1 kit would help. Like this.

Depending on the model you have (UT1 or UT2) governor removal won't do much. UT2 have a rev limiter built in. NR does sell a non rev limited coil.

IMO a modified big block needs a better torque converter than a 40 series, especially with the funky back plate style.

With those tires and the weight of the machine you, as mentioned, have to make some gearing changes. Likely another jackshaft will be needed. Even with a better unit like a 780.

It's a financial decision, upgrades here aren't cheap. But on a buggy that size if you can afford it, I think it would be a good plan. Depending on engine upgrades or replacement, it might necessary.

Here's some info that might help.
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