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You have room for a lot of engine choices. Like already mentioned a 1.6L air cooled VW Bug engine with transaxle will boogie along just fine. Other options, I'd probably say a minimum of a 600cc motorcycle engine. A 2 stroke or 4 stroke sled engine in the 500cc range and up. If you are wanting to stay industrial engine types I'd look at larger single cylinder to the V-twins such as the GX688 Honda, Predator 670, Briggs 18hp V-twin.

If you want to keep what you have, I'd suggest putting a jackshaft in and deepen your ratio. It looks like you are around the 6:1. With that size buggy, you want to be closer to the 9:1 or lower (10:1). You'll lose a lot of top end speed, but you'll gain acceleration and have the torque to move it around.

625cc Single cylinder engine

The obligatory Predator 670

627cc Vanguard V-Twin 21hp

Couple things, if you go down the 4 stroke snowmobile engine route, the Yamaha Phazer 500cc engine is hard to beat. 80hp out of the box, the engines are good to around 10,000 miles (need to verify for sure), they have around a 2:1 gearbox which will double the gear ratio for you and comes with electronic/mechanical reverse. It's a watercooled engine and the radiator to run with it would be one for a 4 cylinder Honda Civic. It has electronic fuel injection already on the engine.

Keep in mind the radiator needed for a motorcycle engine powered buggy is generally a Honda Civic one. They are cheap to get a hold of and give plenty of cooling. You are using an engine that's moving something that weighs more than a sled or motorcycle and it needs to be kept cool. 4 stroke engines are not cheap to rebuild in most cases.

One thing I've noticed with people who have used motorcycle engines is that they do not gear it low enough, or shift the engine in their power range.

Buggy build with a Phazer sled engine.
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