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Originally Posted by Dingocat View Post
Debating if mine's bettef or worse. Had to bend one of the arms that holds the spindles back. Last person hit something then welded it. So it was an inch back and down. Still rusty, been busy with other projects. As for yours I would cut off all the extra stuff then get rid of the extention or atleast do it right and use smaller pieces inside as well as the same od stuff
I think I'm going to take a little our of the stretch, after getting the nose up level with the frame I think if I cut hit old junk out, and weld it correctly, I should be able to get full range on the pedals, putting the steering linkage back into the valley will help too.

Yours is in better shape, and I envy you! Last guy that had mine just slapped it together, rode it hard till he broke the exhaust off, collected water and siezed. I got the original 13hp honda to turn over, but she won't fire. I'll probably rob the 9hp honda off the shaller for a while once I get all the body work done. I'm just not sure what to do with the 2:1 reduction wet clutch when I do.