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Default #15 Instrument cluster mount, and more Parts!

I made a mounting for the instrument cluster that I can view through the gap in the steering wheel. I also got some more parts in! After looking at the kart, I realized that I did not want to have to remove my hand from the wheel to shift gears! so I bought an air shifter kit, and engine kill module that will allow me to shift without using the clutch It should sound something like this video where a guy built a Gixxer kart using a GSXR 600 motor and installed an air shifter.
I also got an air fuel meter that reads off of a wideband O2 sensor, it's also compatible with an AEM Datalogger. With it I can use the optional GPS module, as well as the A/F meter and log my entire track run, and superimpose the datalogger info in sync with the video I shoot during the track run. That will be totally badass!
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