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Competition rules say my build must not be more than 50% complete when starting. I will not work any more until the competition starts.

Here's what happened on day 2 (out of 5 already spent)
Started to stick weld after some practice, using 2mm 6013 electrodes, on 2 mm thick steel. Not good looking welds though I am sooo proud.

Two sizes of steel tubes are used: 30x30 mm steel tube almost everywhere, and 25x25 mm for inner bracing and A-arms. The thickness is 2mm, or the equiv of #14 in the US.

The mainframe outer ring is welded good enough, but at the inner bracing I burned holes in almost EVERY weld How could this happen ?! Turns out the 25x25 tubes are thinner, only 1.6 mm (#16 US), different than what it says on the receipt. Now trying to replace the remaining, or buy new steel.

The seat is from a scrap yard, just for mock.

My cat got in the way while building. But the dog waited patiently until the end of day.
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