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Default Mindy done gone did it again.

So.... I moved... again. BLEEPIN FINALLY! This time a lil more central to all the fun stuff. Especially since the Corvette museum is about 20mins from me (I'll let you guys guess).
Also in Roadkill fasion I bought a non running truck on blind luck for $300 and moved it 1300mi to my current location only to have it explode 3 weeks after I arrived. But that just proves my illness and favoritism because you guessed it... I bought another Dodge. For a truck that went from sitting for 27 months in a open driveway in east bum BLEEP nowhere to have hauled all of my crap with a trailer with another Dakota and 3 Hondas on it in less than 30hrs I'm pretty d*** impressed. So once shop is set up, power is put in, and things get underway I'm gonna be going back into the Bike Shop biz for a while. So without further a due...

Here's one for the mechincally inclined out there since Im literally stuck on this. The other day we noticed oil was dumping out of the truck in the subway parking lot. I put 2qts in and that lasted about 187 miles. I went to go take my girlfriend into work today and we got the overpowering stench of burning oil. Low and behold the dipstick was bone dry. So I put 5qts in it and went over to Oreilly to get a couple things. On the way there the engine fluttered a bit, kicked back to normal and then oil smoke started coming through the vents. Worse when on heat. So get there, and oil starts dumping out again (Only does it when engine shuts off) but this time even worse. I buy 5qts of oil, put it in, then 10.6mi back to subway it's ALL gone on the side of the truck. Here's the catcher. No coolant is in the oil or vice versa. And its not leaking from the filter, pan area, plug, or smoking from the exhaust. There is also no external lines coming from the oil filter mount nor any other accessory lines from the oil system. All seals and gaskets are fine. So what the actual bleep is happening?
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