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Originally Posted by tinamcjittles View Post
Chinesium <- arduino versus evil?
Nah, I was just checking the safety squints
And yeah I know that a mouse sensor is defacto a small camera, that's why I wonder if it's good enough to read a number or not
Still calling it such is a bit of a stretch, since in the end a 3x3 b/w grid
of binary lightsensors is all that's needed (lit/unlit)
Haven't popped open one to actually look inside though ...

I too have a steel lid on my water meter, but it's a simple machine screw holding it.. undone it reveals it's dial.

I think that's a mandatory precaution since the dial (and internals)
is likely the first to pop when the water pressure is too high

Anyways, no battery needed, the water flow powers a small turbine (either mechanically or with a small magnet and an even smaller coil)
that then powers the wheel
and again either a mechanical or a digital counter..
no water flow and the mechanical setup doesn't need any power at all..
the digital one could have some sort of buffer
more likely a small charged cap rather than a button cell
I guess.

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