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First- Blue- I did not mean to imply the conrod was weak- I just meant that it was probably the weakest link so to speak. If something is going to fail that may well be first.

Brandon- There are many ways an engine can suffer what we will call a "catastrophic failure". Most often, it is the connecting rod letting go. The flywheel can break, the piston, crank, cam- anything can break under the right circumstances. The key is "the right circumstances". If you do a forum search on governor removal you will find many differing opinions- but the general consensus is that if you take steps to keep the RPM reasonable, and the engine under load, you will most likely be problem-free.

That said, bear in mind that these engines were designed to run all day long at 3600 RPM for the useful service life of the engine. Increase the maximum speed, and wear will also accelerate to a certain degree.
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