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Default Hemi 212 - Mostly Disassembled

So this is what happens when you get off work early, don't go out, and decided that it's 2am and you are bored....

You start breaking perfectly good stuff. Like a Hemi you got off eBay for $85 shipped. It's been in the box collecting dust except for the times I needed to steal carb jets.

The piston is right around 0.025" in da hole.
My last hemi was about the same. I think I called it 0.024" with the last one.

Came apart in less than 2 hrs. Will probably take two years to put it back together the way I want it. Not cause it's difficult, cause my shopping cart at NR is too expensive. Going to have to save a bit before I start to buy. And in no hurry cause there's no home for this engine yet 'cept for my kitchen table.
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