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Originally Posted by gman3850 View Post
With a bhill head that cam with 1.2 rockers you can probly turn that motor 8k and make probly around 18hp. I wouldn't really call that a dog.
The NR site says easily make 20+HP with the right combo.
I'm assuming this is with 1.2/1.3 Rockers.
Maybe for the 285-0611? With a higher powerband?

The 285-0211 I want...
With 111 LSA
11:1 CR
250 duration
285 lift

Even without the 1.2 rockers, it should make good power.

I think it will have a wide power band.
If it pulls hard from 4000 and pulls to 7000, I'll be happy.

I'm considering doing what everybody says not to and using a 30 series TC (at first). Mine works to 7000, this cam may turn a bit faster. If / When the TC blows up, I'll upgrade to a racing clutch and maybe get the ratio rockers.

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(202931A) These weights
(011190 ) These "WHITE" springs

4000 RPM engagement.

I know KF said he didn't have luck with the TC, and Joe blew one up, but for $75, I think I'll give it a try. Kinda of why I picked a torque cam vs a high rpm cam. I want to use a cheap TC and see for myself.
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