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Originally Posted by gman3850 View Post
Yup that's the guy
I missed my password 5 times on Bob's so I sent a message to a Brad Hill on Facebook. Hope it is the right guy. Wonder how much to Weld up The Chamber. If I could get an 18cc Hemi Head without milling for a reasonable price. I'd be a happy camper.

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The man's site....
Welding, porting, block reinforcement....

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Well for $350....
14cc Chamber, 32mm Intake, 28.5mm Exhaust
Head comes fully ported, polished and milled .050

** ss valves 32mm intake 28.5 ext

** 60 lb springs

** dual lock retainers

** 4 angle valve job
For $325 14cc 28.5mm intake, 25mm exhaust
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