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Originally Posted by JTSpeedDemon View Post
Hmm, not too bad of a deal, but it is missing the axle/bearings.
Is does have a decent steering wheel, and an, ahem, seat.
Does the Briggs run?
Bonus points that it's muffler is flange mounted(exact same muffler as mine, in fact) since it's probably less restrictive than the optional screw in muffler.
Never saw blue on a Briggs before, me likey-likey.
Looks like a 90s/early 2000s engine.

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Ah, just noticed you have the axle.
Even better deal!
But it does look a little rough.
Yeah it needs a little work but It has little rust for how long itís been sitting. Definitely have seen worse. The Briggs didnít run at first (stuck intake valve) but I have it firing off now with starting fluid. But it blows fire out fo the intake every time. Maybe my valve isnít closing all the way? Who knows lol.