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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
the key is indexed (it has little nubs that fit in boreholes in the axle)
so never try to hit it sideways otherwise those nubs can deform and act as a rivet.
Instead, soak it in penetrating oil (PB Blaster WD40-penetrating specialist or alike)
then, with your nice rubber mallet slam the key (IN!) then turn the axle 180° and hit it.

In case that fails
if you want to reuse the axle (Which I assume) do NOT heat it!

get a set of gripping pliers, and pull the key straight up instead (the key will be ruined )
since it's close to the end, you might be able to feel the nubs from the inside
(it's a hollow metric axle, right?)

if so, you might be able to lever against the nubs and push the key out.
after making sure the nubs aren't peened over the best thing to use is penetrating oil and patience really.

Almost every part is generic.. so righetti ridolfi has about all you might ever need.

Thank you sid i will try that later today, yeahbit us a hollow axle but i dont think there arent any numbs from the inside...for now according to Freud what comes between fear and sex???