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i definitely believe that the shooting happened but there is some things that are a little weird. the media may have left things out but i have no way of knowing. media says there was one shooter but that video says there were multiple shooters that fled into the woods. and the police blocked off the only ambulance to the scene. they showed families laughing that should be grieving, and said that all the people involved were part of an acting club?
so who is there to believe? the media, or that video? maybe parts of each?

i believe that no gun control law or security (unless extreme) would have stopped this. the person had a mental illness. he just shot through the glass door and they were helpless. maybe if the people in the office had a gun it would have helped? but i think putting a gun in every classroom is a bad idea because out of the millions of classrooms and people keeping them some might get taken. and they shouldnt live in fear.

yesterday here in ct a grandmother picked her 2 baby grandchildren up from daycare. took them to a remote area and shot them then herself. the issue here is mental illness how can we find and treat these people?