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Default Push?

Not sure what you mean by that, but yes you have real 4WD. Most vehicles on the road today that are 4WD really aren't true 4WD. The gearboxes that I mentioned work just fine on 4WD karts. Although functionally they don't have spider gears in them they do work great for giving you a live axle at both ends and transferring the power to the front axle.

Oh and for the member who made the smartass remarks about I been thinking about this since the 1970's! Well your right! Since I built the first one in 1978 I have been thinking how to improve and make them better. I was was 15 yrs old at the time! How old are you now? If you are older than 15 does that mean a 15 year old has to figure it out for you?

If some of you members just want to make negative comments to me you can save your BS for someone else. I'm only interested in those who have real questions and that are interested in how to build one and what works.