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Now, that we have the rear bumper welded to the main frame, we can work on squaring it up with the (2) scooter frames.

I figured it would be best to line up the (2) frames first then add our main frame.

So, I used a 1" x 2" board that fit thru the motor mount braces on the scooter frames so, that would help keep the rear aligned & I used a couple of 1/8" x 1" metal strips thru slots for the front.

Then, I set the main frame in between making sure the rear bumper was a few inches behind the tire.

I wanted the frame to angle down toward the front a little so, I set the front up on blocks @ ~ 5" & the rear ~ 8" which will keep the battery box & the floor of the kart ~ 3" - 4" off the ground.
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