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Sounds like what happened to me last year...
very different bike very similar problem description..

mine escaleted until the saddle got so fricking hot that I was afraid of boiling some eggs,
a second later the dash went blank and ignition was gone for ~ 10seconds (during the ride) ... luckily it came back on (pure luck) and stopped frying my pan as well so straight home I went.

turned out I had a weak connection
mine was in the connector between alternator and regulator
that weak connection caused a spark when running,
that spark heated and eventually burned the connector case causing a short eventually...

I still can't find the correct connector housing, bought a dozen of the wrong ones already

Anywho, If you happen to have a pyrometer handy (laser non contact thermometer)
and you manage to start her up again (push starting anyone?)
try to find the weak connection.
start the engine, turn on the lights, and shoot it with lasers
(well the connectors with the one from the pyrometer, no violence against motorcycles please )

In case you can't start the engine at all..
just skip ahead and disconnect every single connector,
clean it and reconnect again.

If you already burned the connector (as it sounds to me)
And it's not just the next connector in line from the non working appliance
and thus easy to spot with the naked eye.
you might need the wiring diagram for you bike and see what's next to check.
in case you want to concentrate on it running aggain first.

but frankly, you should check all other conenctors as well, they're all the same age and all have seen the same weather etc... so yeah


PS Good Luck!
PPS have you checked and verified the alternator coil resistances and voltages as well,
that can give you a clue if it's just the alternator that suffered not the regulartor
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