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Default My Dyna is sick, please help!

So the voltage regulator went bad on my 2003 FXDX which I discovered by the battery smoking profusely under my seat in a McDonalds drive through. I tested the system and it was seeing roughly 19V+. I put a new voltage regulator on it and it was good again. However a few short weeks later it was running rough, then died for good.

Now, I had to replace the ignition module in October cause the bike was running rough and that was the culprit. In the couple days before it died recently, I noticed the rough running was similar to that back in October.

So, could I have fried the ignition module? I get absolutely nothing when I turn on ignition, with a good battery. Could I have damaged another computer like TSM? What are your thoughts?

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Oh, and the day it died- I was thinking maybe the TSM was bad due to high voltage so I researched how to bypass it. Found several things that said jump pins 9 and 12 so I tried it, it was at that moment the bike died,