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Yeah, that looks similar to the old engine. So if I were to go the regearing route would it basically just consist of replacing the axle sprocket with a bigger one? It looks like I would also have to modify the frame to fit a bigger axle but if I were to be able to get the old axle off and put a new 60 tooth sprocket on and then get a 10 tooth centrifugal clutch would that be all it takes? I probably would go ahead and go with a bigger engine since ive read that a torque converter gets a lot more out of an engine than a centrifugal clutch so that 6.5 would probably run similar to that 90cc.

I agree that the GY6 would be the slicker option but that just looks overwhelming to me and would require a mechanic or someone else doing most of the work. Instead of going that route I would probably just buy a brand new one for around $1000 delivered.