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The 6.5 hp is around 190-200cc. The 90cc is around 3 hp. So double the power. And yes you can attach the throttle cable to it in several ways. But the 6.5 hp will probably have different mounting holes.This is not hard to fix though you may have to take it to a welding shop or maybe a lawn mower shop or small engines shop if you don't weld which I'm guessing you don't . I'm not sure how much it will cost.Ask all the local shops of the types above and tell them what you are doing and might need a new mounting plate made , aligned, and welded on. Get a price quote .The kart you have is $1000-$1200+ new so if the repairs are less its worth it. And you and your daughter will have share a great learning experience.The clutch will be $50-$100 w/chain ,brakes $80, engine $150 , Post us a lot of pics from every angle and close ups of all mechanical parts, cables ,wiring. Anything you question. There is a ton of kart knowledge and wisdom on this site.The more info you give us the more we can help.
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