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Well. Apparently the people that owned the house before my friend left the go kart in pieces outside, probably been sitting outside for years. I dont know anything about engines but the engine look bad to me and is missing stuff from it. Rather than try to put parts on an old engine and try to make it work just seems easier to me to pay $150 for an engine, convert to a simple centrifugal clutch, get a chain connect cluth to axle and be done with that part. Again, I am needing advice and wondering if its that easy or there is something i am missing. Brakes system is missing cable. also on the cylinder part, it seems after several years outside its bad. I tried to take the screws of the brake fluid container and couldnt get one out. Plus my kids are going to be riding this thing and dont trust them. I found the exact brake assembly on Roketas site for $80 so seems best thing to do would be just to replace the assembly and know they are good to go.