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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
that's a (now) 40 bucks kart and a (at best) 70 bucks engine
calling 200 is a nice try but frankly I don't see anyone paying more than maybe 125 for that

And you'll never guess WHY!
I bet JandJ could tell you.. LOOOL

that's 1000 buck engine if its an RD 350 a500 buck engine if its a RD 400 either way its an RD Yamaha engine and very rare

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Originally Posted by LawnCrawler View Post
That is an RD250 or RD350 engine and it weighs almost 100 lbs
A complete 350 core engine is worth $200, double if it runs and >$1000 if it is fresh.

This one is mine
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that's a RD 350 I sold my TZ 250 for 10k my RZ 350 for 6k and my RD 350 for 6k last year still have the RZ 750 and the RD 400 would have liked to have the V twin RZ 500