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I'd suggest .030 wire at the most. 6013 electrodes for stick welding is what people used for years before wirefeed welding took over. Still, it is used for sheet metal work. 6011 is used in place of 6010 fast freeze electrodes if you only have an A/C stick welder and not one that can run in DCEP (direct current electrode posetive). 7018 are good for structural welding, but need to be stored in a electrode oven at 250F when not in use, as to keep them dry. 7014 is a good substitute for 7018, especially if proper storage is not available.

Welding tubing is pretty easy, especially square tubing. Lay it out on say a plywood jig and use screws or other pieces of wood anchored to the plywood to hold the steel in place. Make sure that work area is level, otherwise, you'll be fighting to keep the build level, and could end up being crooked.

I'd also recommend practicing on some extra pieces of the material you'll be building with to get your settings, travel speed, and all that setup.
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