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Originally Posted by DaiSan76 View Post
You need 10 because I can't do basic math, aside from that, you need 4 to make your 48 volts. Beyond that you can add them in blocks of 4 to add run time. There are other ways to get your voltage, but it adds complexity. You can get a deep cycle battery at Walmart for $89 that would work, but you run time would be low, as well as not being sealed. This means that it will spill if you wreck, and you don't want to take a bath in battery acid. I linked the best, because they are the best. Longer run time, and will last far longer than a cheaper battery.
For reference, I run a trolling motor with a 40 amp draw for about 2.5 hours on a single Walmart battery.

gotcha that all makes since, thanks a ton!

Now for the motor controller......would you happen to know my options on that?