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Default EEARGH!! Bent rim!

I BENT my rim!!!!
The right half of the front right wheel.
I was going around a corner to the left, opposing the drive wheel.
Long story short, the front wheels slid, and the kart went all the way up on the curb.
It bent the aforementioned wheel half, and the rear right part of the axle.
I already managed to fix the axle, but the wheel is incredibly stubborn.
I have already hammered on it for ~1 hr, but it's not doing much. I'm thinking about maybe taking it to a machine shop and having them use a hydraulic press to straighten it out.
It's either that or hammer it to heck.

Any ideas? Or is it too far gone? The tire/tube still holds air, but I hate having a bent rim half.

EDIT - Sorry, the pic is sideways, but it's still easy to tell that it's pretty bent.
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