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@itsid... nope, didn't check the balance (don't really know how to do it) and am just trusting (hoping/praying) it's not needed. Living dangerous!!!

I watched a few youtube videos on the topic, and everyone swears by JBweld. And, I tend to agree with you... "there isn't much of a force that tries to break the magnets loose anyways..." I think it would take an obstruction, something hitting the magnets to knock them loose. I did just set the flywheel on and turned it by hand to see if everything cleared OK.

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@Randy H... THANKS. That looks like my setup. I did reset the points, but I'm leaving the timing as is, for now at least. And, I don't see anything that indicates it has a charging system.

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@mckutzy looks like the guys on the youtube videos recommend JB weld overwhelmingly. It's all a learning experience for me... and what better teacher is there than an explosion anyway? Ha!!!

I'm just taking it slow on each step and following instructions... we'll see...