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My first question is... how do I know for sure that I do actually have the magnets in the right position? Second question... what happens if I don't? (more questions...) What if I'm off a little? Is there some markings I should be looking for on the flywheel? If I clean the surface, I won't have anything left to show me where they were.

It does have an electric starter... but it's 110v.

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@itsid ...Nope, don't have a charging system. So I don't need 'em?

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Is a Montgomery Wards mini bike even collectible enough for me to worry about what engine I put on it? I have several others I can use... I'd like to just get the thing put back together and running. Those magnets are the only thing holding up finishing it.

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Well, I don't know how my latest comment got attached to my other comment above but...

I'll get they hang of this yet.