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I got the motor today, tested it, and repeatedly tripped the circuit breaker on my 55A battery charger/starter. This motor draws some serious current. If I got my ammeter shunt correct, without any load at all the motor draws 63 amps. I'm not certain of that figure because the charger/starter kept shutting off to quick, but at least I know it's a serious amount of current.

Anyway, I haven't done much these past few days as I've just been to busy and also hurt my back this past wednesday hauling solidified bags of concrete to the dump. Two pallets worth, 80lb bags of Sakrete. Three trips! But, today I was feeling a little better so I worked out how the motor is going to mount on the chassis as well as finalize the top Audi differential mount (same plate).

Pic 1 - I hacked out a piece of 3/8" steel to the same dimensions as the square tubing of the backbone. This piece of metal doesn't seem important but it will allow me to drill and tap it for 1/2" bolts, and the motor plate will bolt to this. I was going to weld a mount on top however I didn't have a piece of 3/8" steel laying around that was big enough but I had aluminum in this thickness so I used that instead.

Pic 2 - the finished mount, minus a bolt or two and some washers. Once I find the correct sprocket for the transaxle (#40, about 48 teeth or so) I'll be making a mount on top of this so I have a place to bolt a chain guard to. The motor mounts on the front of the plate, also in front of the vertical piece of the backbone, and is heavy enough that it does try to bend the aluminum plate. To solve this I either have to make another plate that's much thicker (I don't have stock to do this) or make a half-circle type of thing out of steel where that circle part matches the diameter of the motor. Weld to the vertical of the backbone, then strap it all together with a big, industrial-quality hose clamp. If I'm in the mood I may actually make a real clamp that's two half-circles that bolt through, however that's a lot more work. I just need the motor to not pull the plate downward and bend it as that will severely impact sprocket and chain alignment later on. It doesn't take much misalignment to throw chains, and I'm going to avoid this best I can.

Anyway, that's the scoop for the latter half of this past week.
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