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Originally Posted by landuse View Post
Engines have a low oil sensor on them. This means when you turn tight corners the oil gets sloshed to the one side of the engine, causing the low oil sensor to cut the engine. You will have to unplug this for it not to happen. You can then use the wising for a kill switch
Ahh, I get it! So as long as Iím keeping an eye on the actual oil level, I should be able to delete the switch no problem right?

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Originally Posted by Bansil View Post
Great event! so you plan to use a 6.5hp engine to power a shopping cart for the 500 miles on highways and trails? I definitely want to see videos of this adventure. My friends just got done doing the Lemons rally a few weeks ago, good luck and have fun
That would be amazing but the 500 comes from the fact they encourage you to keep the build under $500. I think the milage is probably 100-200 miles.
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