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unmodified (and governed) a true Honda gx200
can run nearly 24/7 for days at full speed and max load in a controlled environment no problem.
those are indestructible tanks compared to chinese replicas.

I'm quite certain you cannot destruct even a predator 212 in just a day of full power use
either (which is about the cheapest of them all) but two days... I'd only give it a 80% chance of survival tbh

the "offroad excursion" however has me worried;
that sounds liek the airfilter might clog up much quicker than anticipated.
rough terrain can trigger the oil alert/cutoff
and dirt and debris in the air cooling fan don't exactly help either under full loads
A spare air filter to change after day one, some fresh oil (just in case)
and a small can of compressed air (to clean the blower housing)
might come in handy to ease the pain for any engine.
A spare spark plug in case the air filter fails maybe...

Be carefull with modifications..
if you have to expect dusty roads.. you rather not use a high flow air filter to improve breathing for example.
a wet foam filter is key to a perfectly clean cumbustion chamber and carb internals

if you want reliability.. there's few that compares to the original Honda GX series tbh
and if you want more power
I'd rather pick an unmodified gx270 than a modified gx200 if reliability is what you're after.

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