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Originally Posted by anickode View Post
It's a nice simple design for sure. Any concerns about the steering angle being too limited by the range of motion of the heim joints? Most have about a 15-20 effective range of angular motion which isn't much for steering. Typically you'd see them set up with radial motion for the steering axis.
I have high-misalingment spacers added in, I have 56 degrees total range of motion, it's the same range of motion that Protodie uses on their front spindles. I did a lot of research and design simulation before making the final decision.

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Originally Posted by Bansil View Post
Not knocking you, but why does everyone make the assembly notches when the fitment is so bad with plasma? I see a lot of it on plasma sites. Most of the parts wouldn't be any harder to mockup with clamps and 123 blocks?

Oh....I am curious because I am waiting on my plasma table to ship and have a bunch of parts I plan to cut out like you would with conventional cnc mill, I come from cnc mill, lathe and edm world (day job and tired of cut off wheels and grinders at home)
I work at a place that does CNC plasma and Oxy-FUEL cutting. These were cut by a friend up north on a small at home plasma table. Needed them rushed as we are backlogged at work right now. We have a hi-def 5-axis plasma table that would out a better edge on the parts. If I do another batch I will do it at work.

The notches were just to see if it would do good or not. It does help but yes there was some grinding involved.
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