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Yes Itsid, you are correct. It is the original 9T on the jack stand (not 8). I mistyped. The tread on the tears is practically brand new. Although the cracks in the tires definitely tells me the tires are 5+ years old. It appeared to have the original comet belt 203589 when I picked it up that looked worn. So from what I have read on this site I knew my gearing was going to be wrong with those tires. So my original thought was new belt and 7” driven to get back the gearing I needed rather than try to find new rims and tires which would be triple the cost of the belt and driven clutch.

I think the ratio should be pretty good now with the bigger driven. On my ATV we make a slight modification to the secondary and get about 20% more low. Increasing the diameter of the driven by an inch should be easily a 1:3 ratio now with a final ratio I have read of 1:1.4

I’ll fix the belt and see how it performs and see if it still rises above the drive clutch
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