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well preload is ALWAYS one valley on the cam
those are 120 apart.. so neither 90 (quarter turn) nor 180 (half a turn)
is actually a good rule of thumb;
it's dead center in between (120 one third of a turn)

Anyways, one valley is what you should remember since that holds true for all of them.
no mater what hole, no matter what TC (series 20, 30, 40... even most larger ones)

60:8 is only 7.5:1 ratio that's kindof a stretch with a heavy kart and wheels that big
you kart must be lighter (all passengers seated)
than 265kg / 585 lbs (yes with a series 30 and 7" driven)

with a curb weight of 346 lbs of the Manco Intruder II
that's only 239 lbs of passengers you can move around.

(it's rated for 350 lbs of passengers originally.. to a grand total of 696 lbs)

there's very good reason it only came on 18" low pressure tyres, not 22"s

So yeah... with that ratio, 20" rears is about as good as you can get...
for 22" you need about five more teeth on the axle sprocket
(65/8 makes it a 8.125:1 ratio)

And that only if you really have an 8T TC sprocket and not the original 9T!!

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