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Wow. Disgraceful. The belt is backwards. I was so frustrated with trying to preload the clutch that I forgot about the belt. I saw two videos, one said rotate 180 degrees for preload and the other said a quarter turn. The 180 degrees was definitely not working. The spring would be wound to tight and the clutch would not operate properly. So I finally gave up on the third hole and just used a quarter turn preload with hole #2.

It has 8T on the jack and 60T on the sprocket. I didn’t want a bigger sprocket so changing the ratios of the TAV unit seemed to be the better route to get the extra torque needed for the bigger, wider, and heavier tires.
Manco Intruder II, 6.5 Predator Non-hemi, Comet 30 series, 60T sprocket, 22x11x8 rear tires ,15x5x6 front tires
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