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Default Engine for Buggy Project

Been doing some research on engines to use for a planned project, and I'm looking for something with around 40 horsepower. Obviously a quad/dirt bike engine would work, but to retain mechanical simplicity I'm thinking something with a CVT/torque converter. Next thought would be snowmobile, but I live in an area where snowmobiles are quite uncommon. So I'm thinking a built Predator engine. I know people build up those Predator 670cc engines to 60 horsepower and beyond, but they are quite large and overpowered for what I'm looking for. So that brings me to the Predator 420cc or any equivalent clone. They sell staged kits for these engines just like the 212cc, but can you build these 420s to 40 horsepower?

I'm thinking governor removal, billet rod/flywheel, exhaust header, Mikuni carb, timing key, and valve springs. Any of you guys have built 420s pushing around 40 horsepower? I would imagine that if you can build a 670cc to 60 horsepower you could build a 420cc to 40 horsepower, right? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I've decided on the Predator 670cc after doing some looking. Anybody know how many RPMs these engines turn without a governor (and with upgraded springs, rods, flywheel, etc)?
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