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Bone stock from the factory my Starbird was somewhere around 118 lbs according to this ad, but I don't have the bodywork or the full chain guard anymore, although the previous owner has added some extra metal and the original Tecumseh was probably a tad lighter than the Briggs, so it's probably around ~125 lbs.
With my ~110 lb self on it, it's about 235 lbs. total when I ride it, but with about 6-7 HP, it can really boogie!
I need to gear it down a bit and replace the old dry rotted front tires, but it can already drift like crazy!!
It's 1WD by the way.

Since you put up specs for your kart, here's mine.

Powerplant - 1985 Briggs 5 HP: upgraded Raptor connecting rod, no governor, header, plus it came stock with a high compression head!
Clutch - Old Max-Torque SS with 2200 RPM engagement, 2400 RPM full lock
Top Speed - 38 MPH at 5400 RPM
Acceleration - Barely enough grip, I can feel it barely hooking up when I floor it
Handling - Great turning right, not so great turning left
Gearing - 5.5/1 with 13" tires
Brakes - Scrub type, that actually work surprisingly well

This video doesn't do it justice, if it weren't for the fisheye you could see that it was drifting almost all over the culdesac! I think now that it's ungoverned it would work even better, but tuning issues keep popping up due to a vacuum leak.

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