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Default How light is your kart

Any of you have the hassle of stuffing your kart in your hatchback or small pickup? have you lightened up the weight of your kart?
Any Kart Drifters out there?

I built mine to fit in my Subaru.
My Drift Kart was running, tore down for new mods, New Paint color scheme, anodized Red wheels and parts, Black Chrome Chassis.
it was last weighted about 93 lbs ,
I shaved another 9 lbs off it.
So should be low 80's lbs.

Running a mod Pred 212
angled motor mount
no Gov
Manual clutch
MTB disk brakes up front
Disk brake rear
drifting on HDPE plastic
Ratio is 5.1 , 12/62 great torque and control
max speed 32mph

Dont have latest Pic but here is an old one

Looking for a manufacturer to make Polyurethane rings
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