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Originally Posted by Wotb_Beast View Post
i looked in my carb today and none of the flaps are stuck and its mooving fine
If you can try adjusting the air fuel mix if its to rich or to lean it could cause a high idle speed. If not check for vacuum leaks in and around the carb.

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Originally Posted by Wotb_Beast View Post

so my kart runs a predator 212 hemi and when I start it it takes off and I have to hold it back. I read online that the idle is to high and the clutch is engaging and kicking it forward

well I started the engine and I turned the screw to the left to idle it down but it didn't change anything

thanks for stopping and I hope you can help me
pic of my carb below or something sim but the black screw is the same

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check gaskets around the carb if even one carb related gasket or seal is faulty it's going to run lean an idle high.