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Default Supermarket Sweep showdown

Grab a pair of matching pastel sweatshirts and get ready for Supermarket Sweep Octane Edition.
We have been working on this project off and on for awhile. We wanted to build something fun and unique. Everything that is on the kart has been bought off Craigslist, OfferUp, etc or local kart shop, Precision Karting of Dallas, that helped out with used parts. **** we even scored 60 Mojo tires for almost nothing, thanks to a nice couple.
This is what we have done so far-
-1” rear axle with disk brake
-11” wide tires on the rear and 4.5” for the fronts
-Chopped up a donor kart for the entire front end(steering shaft, linkage, knuckles) Welded the donor kart front end to the rails of the shopping kart and reinforced with flat plate.
-Made motor mount plate with gussets. Using a hopped up Predator 212
-Flipped the “bread” basket to the outside of the kart. This will hold the gas tank
-Cut a hole in the bottom of the basket for your legs to go through and your back will rest up against the back of the basket. The kart sets very low and you can swing your leg over and in without climbing on anything.
Also the kart measures 4 feet wide from outside edge to outside edge of the tires!
Like two little kids we rolled it outside once we finished the final welds and mounted the tires. Did a couple of push test and rolled great, no hop from the axle and rolled straight. Also the front end has a little camber, so the kart turned great.

Still need to finish the brake caliper mount. Gas tank. Right now we are throwing an idea around to use road bike “ram horn” handlebars for the brake and throttle pedals. Sounds strange but it works in the mock up stage and looks good too. Can’t wait to get this girl to the supermarket for a couple of hot laps
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